How To Get Involved

We founded the organization with only an idea of producing something spectacular. With the help of friends, neighbours, and local businesses we achieved our goal and produced an amazing show that was the talk of the community, “Sunset Superslam V”. This event was our primary focus of 2014 and was a major success.  It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of volunteers, donations, non-monetary pledges and hard work. The community support was overwhelming and every contribution was and greatly appreciated.


Non-Monetary Pledges

Our Partnership packages also include Non-Monetary donations from local businesses. Below is a brief list of items/services we are looking for, for upcoming events, as well as current volunteer positions that are available at Lakeside.

☼   Event food and beverage vendors
☼   Portable washroom facilities
☼   Event fencing and crowd control enclosures
☼   Mobile power resources
☼   Overnight accommodations for out of town guests
☼   Event Lighting and Event Sound
☼   Portable Canopies & Tents

☼   Set Building Materials and Construction
☼   Video & Photographic Marketing Services
☼   Website and Printing Services
☼   Video, Photo, and Technical Production Services
☼   Event Consumables (ice, stationary, etc.)
☼   Live Musicisans and Entertainment

Volunteer Positions

☼   Event Assembly and Clean-up (Perimeter Fencing, Stage, Power Services, Recycling)
☼   Entrance Doormen and Ticket Vending
☼   Technical Assistants for Stage Crew, Camera Crew, and Lighting/Sound
☼   Certified/Non-Certified servers for Food and Beverage Vendors
☼   Licensed Security/Crowd Management
☼   Certified First Aid Personnel


How You Can Get Involved


Although we are a young company, we’ve set big goals for ourselves.  Our current objective is to revitalize the Laverne Kelly Memorial Park in Erieau, the host venue for our biggest annual event, the Sunset Superslam. While Erieau is one of the smallest communities within Chatham-Kent, is an integral part of our municipal tourism and offers many features including beaches and parks, campgrounds, water activities, restaurants and festivals which are enjoyed by summer visitors. Most importantly, Erieau is a quick-getaway for residents of Chatham-Kent.

So if you are looking for a fun, unique way to get your local business local exposure we would be happy to have you as a partner. Click here to receive more information on our Partnership Opportunities.

Time to Get Involved